facebookist thoughts

Wake up. Shower. Consider leaving facebook. Work, eat, sleep. Wake up. Briefly weigh merits of facebook. Hang out. Sleep. Wake up to the thoughts of facebook being too cheesy or taking up too much of your time, too virtual, too exhibitionist. Let your friend list know that your questioning facebook. Go to work. Wait for people to beg you to stay. Go home. Check your facebook, although it's really passé. Sleep.

The fact of the matter is, if it's not facebook, it's going to be something else. E-mail providers like Yahoo! and Gmail have already started to push us to give 'updates' on what we are doing at the moment. Twitter speaks for itself. Facebook happens to be the company who got it all together in terms of status updates, sharing pictures, videos, articles and whatnot. It doesn't even have the first-mover advantage (Myspace was there first) but it managed to move ahead of the game by gathering some 300 million people beneath its umbrella.

It's the chance people have been waiting for, for the longest time. Not just to communicate, but to communicate all at once; left, right and center; north, east, south, west. Yes, it's the news people want to give. If they don't have any news to give, they will definitely find something to say.

I say, social networking is here to say. Whether it be through facebook or not. A rose is a rose by any other name.

Now this post will be synched with my facebook page, but go ahead and bookmark me just in case!


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