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some people never seem to get over the 80s. is it that hard to get over a decade?

la mer

water is a good friend. it seems to share all my moods. it becomes a part of my thinking. the sunshine glittering on the surface walks with me when i'm walking by. when we're both gloomy it feels good to be gloomy. when we're both happy we forget about the rest of the world. when our moods go in different directions that's ok too. i feel understood. water is my very good friend. i've known this since i've known myself.
true love waits.

what i want

pure love to flow between
no blockage
lower ego energies
see eye-to-eye-
open up a window for two people alone

on a plane
naked and silent
wise like babies-



life gets weird sometimes. i find it interesting how you can find yourself in tears doing dishes in the kitchen hearing the ending of a song and then the next minute all preoccupied with yourself, listening to other songs, upset about other things. because there are other things in life.
how classical music can change the way you look at everyday scenes as if i was myself but somewhere else. texture. meaning. how sight and sound overlap.
and how laying on the grass in bogazici,
you can see all the people go by
everyone who has ever passed through bogazici quad and your life.
sad, indeed. that there's no way to get it back.
i grew up in a town where it's possible to drive by your dad's old car and get excited about it and sometimes wonder who owns it and how they treat it.. how emotionally possessional.

nuri bilge ceylan

Reminds me of Orhan Pamuk novels. The melancholy that is so typical to Istanbul winters, the feeling of isolation and loneliness I associate with far eastern corners of Turkey, although I’ve never been.
Trying to identify the places in the pictures of Istanbul, I know this place, I know how this snowstorm bites in the winter..Makes me want to do more with my life. Ask for more out of life. As if I never have..
people say they love me.
i love you. you're wonderful. you're one of a kind.
but then an excuse comes rolling. i love you, but (fill in the blanks).
i don't need words anymore. i don't want to be tied down or left hanging in the air in the name of love.
is there such a thing as 'tangible love'?
is that what we have sweetie? you seem to be always there.