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LILITH IN VIRGO blurs the objectivity and lets you express criticism at wrong places perhaps. You simply don't want to commit yourself, are very orientationless regarding occupation and partnership. Other people may get confused by you, because this confusive position produces paradoxes in almost all areas of life. You perhaps tend hopelessly between commitment and autonomy urge, between social contacts and retreat. On the other hand, psychological and analytic abilities are almost unsurpassably strong, and your intuition beats everything. Unfortunately the possibility exists that you are not conscious about your abilities, or that you don't want to admit them.

LILITH IN THE 2nd HOUSE directs efforts on hedonistic activities and the acquisition of property. Quickly you succumb to material temptations, and you accumulate properties. You probably don't recognize the problems coming along with that, or you don't want to admit them at all, you don't react, but look for …


hadi bakalim.
his message was brutal
but the delivery was kind

my new niece


my michael kors joke

do i smell good? 'Kors i do!
i love the sun's blinding glow on the sea
you shrug and it's the worst
to truly stuck the knife in first
i kinda like that
i wanna tap that
you were so busy doing what you were doing
that it didn't matter what i did
how silly of me to think
one day it would
when it only would if i was Barbie doll
kissing a Ken from your world
-sorry not kissing, holding hands should be enough at this point-

"I'm impatient. I move fast and love things done now. I have a dream and wish it
came true last weekend. I get an idea and want it realized tomorrow. But life's
not like that, is it? So, through my inner work, I've learned to slow down (a
little). Because Good Things Take Time.
We live in a world that adores speed.
But the nature of business and life is more organic. A gorgeous wine takes time
to mature. A precious garden takes time to bloom. A breathtaking mountain needed
time to form. And - great businesses and world-class lives are not created in a
day. It's more about evolution than revolution. Those small daily improvements
that, over time, lead to stunning results. It's the small steps that matter
So today, I invite you to be patient. Focus more on consistent and
steady improvements in the way you work and in the way you live. Slow and steady
does win the race."-Robin Sharma


mevsimden midir, eve gelirken biber, patlican, patates kizarmalari ve uzerinde sarmisakli yogurtlar dusundum, ki patlicanla biberleri yemezdim aslinda. evlerin isiklarina bakip onlarin da anneleri simdi oldukca duru bir tarhana corbasi pisirmis midir ve butun evi kokular sarmis midir, hatta arka kapidan giriliyorsa sokaktan da duyuluyor mudur diye merak ettim. sonra eve geldim, -hayatimda ilk defa- kavun keserken babamin kavun kesme stiliyle kendimi karsilastirip yetersiz buldum. ispanak koklerini yarina kadar beklemek uzere limon-sarimsak-zeytinyagi sosuna yatirdim. su anda tek gercek gecmis bu lezzetlerin, kokularin, uzunlugu ayarlanabilen lambanin altinda bagdas kurarak yedigim aksam yemeklerinin gecmisi gibi geliyor, ne tuhaf. oysa ki indirimdeki giysiler gibi, gecmis sinifina giren her sey uzunca bir sure ozlenirdi, sonra da dusunmek bile pek aklima gelmezdi; malum, yeni sezon.
simdi ise bir kase uzum ve bir kutu yogurt ile oturmus bunlari yaziyorum cunku kendime yemek hazirlamaya…