i wore a black vintage-look dress.

ozgur was so cute, and so was kursat. i love them so much, they made me feel so good about everything before and after the gig. we are a team now. just when i'm ready to go, i feel i belong somewhere. i guess that's the way of things here, i.e, life.

some songs we liked doing and did well:
smooth operator (it felt like an unplugged version of sade's, very cool)
come rain or come shine (bluesy, soo delicious)
almost blue (i almost cried, seriously)
angel eyes (always)
devil may care (i gave it a tad bit of melancholic flavor, i liked it)
spooky (fun-ky)

i was tense. in spite of the crowd who was there to really listen to me, at "my jubilee" as we called it. you gotta leave it at a height.

i ended up taking a cab back home on my own at 2 a.m. the measure of just how lonely i am in this city.


Anonymous said…
that's not true.
i'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour
i'll be there for you like i've been there before
i'll be there for you 'cuz you're there for me too.
it's a new era pel.
ozlem said…
bidis, im so sorry that i couldnt come, im so sorry that i forgot, just because this weekend was really tiring for me, physically and mentally.
reality bites, my darlings.
ozlem said…
gercekler acitir ama, bilerek yapmadim pisman oldum zaten biliyorsun, ozguru de koluma takip getirecektim, ne guzel olacakti, unutmayacagim bundan sonra, hem sen daha guzellerini yapacaksin =)
s. said…
ya ben ordayken de biseyler soyliycek misin bi yerlerde Pelit?
bi de bisey diyecem, tum ilginin odak noktasi olduktan sonra eve yalniz gitmeler cok tanidik...insan guclendikce yalnizlasiyor mu acaba, cok isik sactigindan cok parlak ve dokunulmaz hale mi geliyosun acaba...my existential question these days...i am writing you an email...
bidilara bak destek olmuslar bi de.. neyse gecti..

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