life here

the original plan was to move back to denizli, say goodbye to my life in istanbul and write on about how i will miss it, what i loved so much about it, and in a few weeks, write another piece called 'life here'. it didn't happen. i found it hard to say goodbye, then i found a job. and i'm staying in istanbul, where the life i love happens to be. but i still want to write something titled 'life here'.
so, life here.
we wake up in our attic room and performance-rate my snorring from the night before. i live out of the luggage and don't care if my stuff gets creased. i haven't put on make-up or shoes in the past.. let's see.. 4 days. i solve puzzles with my grandma and grandpa. every time in the shower, i read the warnings on shampoo bottles: 'avoid contact with the eyes' 'rinse with copious amounts of water in the event'. i dry my hair in the sun, just like when i was 15. we take long, barefeet walks on the beach. turkish men around, giving their 'if looks could strip' stares. we walk on. [people do the craziest things on the beach. who would normally walk around half-naked or build castles with their kids only to watch them disappear into waves?] the beach is all sandy and pale. the rest is water, as wide as the eye can see. water, matte in the morning, glittering in the afternoon, salmon-pink at sunset.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
ordaki hayatında burdaki alışkanlıklarını bıraktın mı diye merak ettim sadece. yani bu ikisi tamamen birbirinden ayrıldı mı? mesela orda geceleri ohm yogo yok mu? bi de keyifli ordaki hayatlar ama kendini fazla da özletme :)
burda baska sporlar var

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