my office

A few weeks later, I find myself back in an office, this time a different one. I look around and see the pics that I brought here, 3 pics that remind me of and represent the things I love in life (the sea and the shore across in Bebek, Sena's painting on the wall of my apartment and the suitcase I place my tiny TV on, and the dinner table from the Swedish Midsummer day). To my side, there is an old postcard that says 'Istanbul Bogazici Bebek' on it. I have a water bottle that is the light green of my eyes. My Altoids box, my coffee cup. It's the first time I bring my belongings with me to an office- first time I bring myself in a way. Does this mean this is me, here? Not hundred percent maybe, but it's a hint of the person I am, that I bring here with me so that I don't get lost within the corridors of a financial corporation. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that we do what we gotta do.

-thanks baby, for the inspiration.


löwe the lion said…
seni seviyorum

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