sometimes i visit my blog just for the sake of it, like the editor of a magazine checking out the latest issue. i look at serife's, ozlem's, and i go to mine. it's coming home in a sense. no that theirs are not familiar. just different. i believe with my girls we possess the same hearts, but we take different routes to self-expression.

yes, i am away.
blue is the dominant theme here where i am. at least for me.


Anonymous said…
hey babe, this page is an easy place to be comfortable in.
i hope so. by the way, i love the name 'ida'.
Anonymous said…
wait, 'ada' or 'ida'?
ozlem said…
are you almost blue? you should watch some animes instead, tonight i watched spirited away, i cant tell how i feel right now =)
:) i'm always almost blue. so i don't really pay attention to that anymore. but the sea is so blue here and it feels so good to just chill out, listen to what the universe has to say, come up with names for unborn children:-)
ozlem said…
the names for unborn children, mmm, my first child will be "derin" and the second will be "nisan", i guess, thats funny =)
i'm thinking 'ida', 'derin' would be nice too, whoever gets it first ;)

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