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don't tickle me

i like that there is the sea because we look at it -if we're fortunate- everyday and witness another form of life and remember that life is so much more than just us hustling and bustling.


speed is mankind's imitation of the nature, she thought to herself. she was walking to the rhythm of the music in her ears, walking fast, walking besides the flowing water, just enjoying it in an ecstatic peace of mind when the bird just FLEW over the sea, right over, brushing the surface. the bird flew in a way that resembled the her feeling of going with the flow of the world around her but so much faster than she was able to march. she finally understood what all that fuss about flying was about. and figured we want speed because we want to fly like the wind and flow like the waves.
all this in one moment.

just friends

i wonder what my friends are up to. i'm sitting in the dark. rohde went to sleep. the poor guy has to go to work tomorrow at nine. and he gets up at seven. i woke up at one today. thirteen. treize in french. the instant dictionary said so. and i still wonder what my friends are up to. not the ones that used to be my friends but the ones that still are. what baris or teri might be looking at right now. or sena, in the united states, of ameerica.
we stopped fighting about the seven part. turns out i can never change his mind, plus he has a point.
i talked to his mom on the phone today. she has a very sweet voice and it's fun talking to her on the phone.
i'm letting you know what i'm up to, friends. i'm organizing my favorites and i will go to bed as soon as sleep gets me over. but until then i will keep putting in entries as i don't like talking to myself in my head this late at night.
it's hard to be the kind of perfectionist i am but i get by.

turkce muzik

Turklerin ingilizce sarki yapmasi her zaman kanayan bir yaramiz olmustur. Arada aklimiza esince dunyaya acilmak, ya da Eurovizyon'da bizim de ingilizcemiz oldugunu gostermek icin bestelerin icineozenle ingilizce kelimeler yerlestirilir, fakat bir yere varildigi gorulmemistir. Merak ediyorum, Almanlarin Big in Japan, Isveclilerin Money Money Money diye sarkilar yaptigi bir dunyada Turkler neden bir turlu duzgun bir ingilizce sarki yapamazlar. Herkesi seferber edesim gelir bazen, hadi Teoman, belki sen yaparsin, Sebnem Ferah da mi yapamaz, ya Mor ve Otesi? Sonra Baris Manco bile Little Darling'den oteye gidemedi der ve isime devam ederim.

daha az dalga gecme modunda oldugum gunlerde ise Turklerin sarki sozu yazmadaki beceriksizliklerini iliskilerdeki tikanikliga ve tabulardan kaynaklanan yuzeyselligin her tarafimiza bulasmasina veririm. sonucta kim kalkip da boyle bir sarki yazabilir ki turkcede:

Meet you downstairs in the bar and heard
Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt

detox notes

3-Day Apple Diet

Here is a cleansing regimen recommended in the medical readings of Edgar Cayce, the famous trance medium of the 20th century whose "channel" provided a wealth of information about nutritional healing.

As always, this 3-day diet should be preceded by about 7 days of eating a light, nutritional, junk-free diet.

For the 3 days of this diet, eat only:

Fresh apples, any kind, preferably organic

Pure spring water

Pure unfiltered apple juice, preferably organic

Applesauce, preferably organic

Baked apples of any kind

Apple cider vinegar

Cold-pressed olive oil

You may eat as much as you want, and make sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water.

Upon arising on Day 3 of this diet, quickly drink 1/2 cup of olive oil and flush it down with apple juice. Then drink a small amount of water or apple juice into which a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar has been mixed. You may resume a normal diet beginning in the morning of Day 4.

Zesty Lemon Detox Tea
For each serving:

Enough freshly-boiled …
the photo booth function and the spoiled woman.

last night

i went to my first jazz festival concert of the year. does this mean i'm still hip? not so much, because the performer was robin gibb of the bee gees and the audience was over 40. it might mean i'm lucky because the tickets were given as gifts and they were closer to the Harbiye Acikhava stage than i've ever been (as someone who performed twice at the Jazz Festival and had free pass to all concerts two years in a row). istanbul philharmonia orchestra was accompanying him and the richness of sound was inspiring. watching this skinny man and his hyper back-up vocals, i smiled and thought Stayin' Alive is a genius song.


here i am at the 'pastanesi' again. i am done with my translation so the guilt attached to the things i do outside the office, is gone. i can't say i miss it, but i miss the way it filled my hours. life here at the pastane is ever the same. the owners playing backgammon and the visitors reading newspapers or chatting, and it's never a crime to hang out here on your own, it's a place that welcomes solo visits. i've always liked such places. denizli was the worst place to do that. it was one of the reasons i wanted to live in the big city: feeling comfortable with your independence and solitude (up to a point).
i don't like insincere people and they seem to increase in number as we age. oh well. i believe i've made my picks and am content.
it all comes down to colors.