here i am at the 'pastanesi' again. i am done with my translation so the guilt attached to the things i do outside the office, is gone. i can't say i miss it, but i miss the way it filled my hours. life here at the pastane is ever the same. the owners playing backgammon and the visitors reading newspapers or chatting, and it's never a crime to hang out here on your own, it's a place that welcomes solo visits. i've always liked such places. denizli was the worst place to do that. it was one of the reasons i wanted to live in the big city: feeling comfortable with your independence and solitude (up to a point).
i don't like insincere people and they seem to increase in number as we age. oh well. i believe i've made my picks and am content.


ozlem said…
i love getting lost in big cities! istanbul and the european cities are the best to do that.

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