just friends

i wonder what my friends are up to. i'm sitting in the dark. rohde went to sleep. the poor guy has to go to work tomorrow at nine. and he gets up at seven. i woke up at one today. thirteen. treize in french. the instant dictionary said so. and i still wonder what my friends are up to. not the ones that used to be my friends but the ones that still are. what baris or teri might be looking at right now. or sena, in the united states, of ameerica.
we stopped fighting about the seven part. turns out i can never change his mind, plus he has a point.
i talked to his mom on the phone today. she has a very sweet voice and it's fun talking to her on the phone.
i'm letting you know what i'm up to, friends. i'm organizing my favorites and i will go to bed as soon as sleep gets me over. but until then i will keep putting in entries as i don't like talking to myself in my head this late at night.


**BlogEmario** said…
read my last post. I think we both feel the same things.
Anonymous said…
this is gonna be a late comment i guess which reminds me that its been a while since the last time i checked your blog and far more than that since i left any comments :) anyways, nothing new in my side... still trying to adjust and still trying to enter boun soc. masters. as you can see same old same old :) but i think that we should get to gather sometime soon.

loves sau :)
eRc said…
I like reading your blog and following your life and how it evolves...I was suprised seeing you at Derin's party again after meeting for the first time 4 years ago at Denny's party!! And then your jazz performance at Galata!I forgot the name of the place...I'm still in the US of A!!! I have an ordinary life which I chose and so lazy to change, you and your blog always inspires me to be alive and do sth about my life but like I said lazzyness overcomes. A friend of mine told me that this situation boredom, unsatisfaction is an epidemic of our generation! I don't know if others agree...
Take it easy,
p e l i n said…
how can i forget my fellow sagittarian:) try to find the beauty in the ordinary;) see you at facebook.

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