in the morning

early in the morning, earlier than usual, stepped out unintentionally. wintery day, first one of them. drizzly; and these -y's can go endlessly. no rush, you can get to work in your own sweet time. gives you time to take notice of the world. the morning that's, sort of, -almost- emptied of its crowds and traffic. gives time to stop at starbucks and grab a short cappuccino.
then you walk out of the coffee shop with an extremely hot beverage in your hand -caution-, and see the lights, the only lights left from the night before. the green one says, 'yes, lady, you can cross the street if you hurry a little bit', but the red -rude- one interrupts and says 'i'm sorry, you're gonna have to wait'.
"red light, grey morning, it's quiet- there's no one around. just a bang and a clatter as an angel runs to ground." -stay-
by the time i get to work the daylike feeling has definitely settled in and the office is empty, 'you're still half an hour early young lady,' say the white lights in my room.


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