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Liddy's Nursery

Hello blog! It's hard to believe years have passed since my last post and as I get inspired about a new path I'd like to try, I returned to my blog as a starting point, since for such a long time it used to be a platform I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts. I will talk about the design process of Liddy's nursery, the inspiration point, and how it all came together. These days I'm into sewing and maybe everyone who is new to sewing goes through this "pillow" phase, where all they want to do is sew pillows (they are relatively easy to make and they are pretty, right?). As I browse through, I see so many amazing fabrics that inspire me to decorate a whole new nursery all over again but I'm pretty sure we are done having babies. But there is no reason I shouldn't be decorating nurseries! One thing I thought I can do is help parents-to-be find the inspiration to come up with a fresh theme and follow that thread to curate the objects that pull…