i love you.
i have another one of those notorious headaches and unfortunately, it's not letting me do anything.
but i still managed to write in my blog. it was a good saturday.
i found out the maker of a song that i've adored for a long time. it was in a commercial. it's called nikita, and some swedish guy recorded it i think.
i am listening to it now, and am very satisfied with my find. it's weird because on the way to taksim in the cab, it had played and i had felt disappointed with myself not having found out about it for so long.
then we were walking down istiklal and i heard it playing in some music store. of course i went in and asked. came home and downloaded. i love life when these things happen.
head hurts but still a chatterbox.
i gave baris your hat.
he is a person that loves those hats and wears them all the time. he was surprised--how did you know that he is a hat person? this is his question. my question is, how much do you love me?
i will keep checking my e-mail then. it's so cute that you found a 1990s, dust-covered computer in there and are trying to write to me using those oily keys.
you never gave me the news about measure 37. is there none?
suz sent me the invitation. i'm all set. america, here i come.
love you babe, bye.


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