i have to write down how i'm feeling today. it's incredible. i feel very serious, like i mean business but i'm not dull, i have energy that lasted all day. i don't need anything else to complete my joyous state of mind. the here and now is good enough, it's very good. i look in the mirror and see there is a light in my eyes. i didn't sleep well last night but i don't feel the lack of sleep at all. i go through my tasks like they are the easiest things to do, i talk to the silliest people without hesitation and without that sense of stranglement. it's interesting but it's not. when you think about jupiter and my sun together and the sun in sextile with both, it's not interesting at all. but it's rare, and i wrote it down so i can go back and read it on my low-energy days. i wish i could be this way- wish i could be this person 24/7.


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