come to think of it, i really love honey and olive oil and how they look in jars and bowls. the density and taste that their colors suggest. the promise of a great breakfast. i'm not really a cheese-lover though. i find all kinds of cheese very heavy for my taste, on many occasions. even white cheese.

i never thought i would find being on my own kind of dull, somewhat meaningless and de-energizing. i get a lot of stuff done but other than that i just sit around. it's like going to the gym and working out like crazy, and then not moving your finger for daily necessities. (and i do that too)

but i started journalling again, and that should be a plus. something that is hard to do when there is actually someone around to talk about the things you're writing about. at least sixty per cent of the time. the remaining portion is the laziness that takes over when you leave yourself to someone's arms. (yes, that's exactly the feeling)

now it's time to get myself together -here comes the saturnian call- and go see those apartments once again (apartment hunt, going pretty well), run the usual mile at the gym and meet my lovely old colleagues for a cup of coffee in bebek. should be fun.


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