it's a beautiful snowy saturday at home. i'm enjoying some dutch coffee and looking outside to the snow, that i'm on the same level with. i can't wait to have my friends over here. the dishwasher is making weird noises. i'd better go check.

it's fine. we're waiting for the washing machine guys. really domestic stuff, all household issues this week. once the setup is done i'm sure -and i want to be sure- that i will be more artistic or literary, or philosophical, whatever you name it. but we're enjoying this place, really enjoying it. and the one thing i'm really glad that i knew what i was looking for, when i was apartment-hunting. i saw decent places in more familiar neighborhoods we could have liked but i had the kind of kitchen we had in mind and i knew the kind of life we would be living. and that really worked for us. i hope it keeps working.

keep working.


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