Last night my sister and I went to see this movie Get Smart, which was actually pretty funny. I love Steve Carell anyway, I'm ready to laugh at anything he happens to do. We then came home and found the boys slightly drunk, just done with poker. We saw Jon approximately 10 hours later when he came with Sandra for breakfast. I made 'menemen' and Doug made French toast in Sandra's honor, there were tomatoes and peppers picked from our garden, and it was a good start to the day we would be exploring Dali's art and enjoying the last days of summer/first days of fall - whatever you call that cross between seasons. I am not sure what to say about Dali's work. I really liked some of his earlier work, and I liked the part with his extremely detailed 'sketches' called the Inner Life of Salvador Dali. It's also interesting to see how his work resonates with the political and social ongoings of his time, such as the atomic bombings of 1945 and Freud's concept of the subconscious. Even though I'm not a fan of the highly symbolic products of his extreme imagination, this was a man whose mind was wide, wide open and who made available the inner life of this mind in many ways, to many people, and one can't help but appreciate that. When I saw his family pictures, early drawings, sketches, book illustrations, and even the cartoon he teamed up with Walt Disney to create, I realized that the way he was portrayed to me at least as an 'acrobat' artist lacked so much. I realized how much more talented he is beyond just creating confusing paintings with dream symbols embedded into one another. We went to Kanyon after the Dali exhibit and Le Pain Quotidient was the first place we could think of going in, as everyone craved coffee and some of us craved much more than that! We ended up sharing a cheese platter and a bread basket, and then stealing the contents of another bread basket from the table next to us right after its occupants paid the bill and left! Jon and Doug also went hunting for jams and bread spreads. It was a very fun and cozy meal, and I think everyone enjoyed the food and the company.

And now we're home, tired and happy. I need to do some soulsearching, I do. But do I really? Do I not know what I want? I feel like it's hiding somewhere inside me, sometimes surfacing and sometimes not. I'd better find you soon, life mission. Otherwise we'll have wasted some good talent and time.


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