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Hello, beautiful potential wedding rings. After looking at some jewelry today, I checked out the Conroy & Wilcox store at Erie Basin and then in their own website. I found some really charming rings. Some are reasonably priced. Some are not. And that's OK. Because I'm not about to get anything right now, but it's good to know good design is out there.


irem said…
Cenem acildi.

My favorite shapes are pear and marquise. Therefore the ring of the last photo I found to be a dear. Lovely placement really.

I have to confess though, for me it was more the stone. I felt that this little stone which is so ever-lasting, actually embodies my temporariness, my uniqueness. There will be a 1:1 mapping between us as long as I live. And then it will not be mine anymore. It will be mine one and only though, even if it gets lost, stolen or if I pass it to someone else.

So how long are you going to keep looking Pelin?
p e l i n said…
Until my husband starts looking, too!

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