one love, we get to share it

today ozlem and i went to the modern art museum, "istanbul modern". i was able pass as a student. that saved me enough money to buy an extra cappucino -short- at sbux.
they were featuring the venice biennial, and the only work i could actually enjoy was the video with the people pretending like they are dancing with someone in their arms or in somebody's arms. to "the look of love". it's interesting because ozlem had told me that was the one she liked the most out of my last gig's repertoire, and we went to the museum together, heard the song, listened in the dark and watched the video, all that.
sometimes i do that too. sting sings "until" and i waltz with my invisible lover. i used to imagine being so much in love with someone and waltzing to a perfect song, feeling the lyrics deep down. next time i dance with my imaginary lover, my partner will be doug, "my fiancé". and how much i am in love will be for real.
and i actually shopped at the museum gift shop.
with you it is so easy to find things around and recognize signs that say we are meant to be.


ozlem said…
cok guzel bir gundu, ama ben hareket eden copleri ve kumlu platformu da sevdim. bu arada otobuste karsimizda oturan teyzeler cok komikti =)
evet evet o teyze sonradan bana "canim canim" gibi seyler de soyledi. eskiden olsa muhabbete girerdim ama artik otobuste teyzelerde tanismak icin yaslandim sanirim.

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