what kind of a sunday is this? i left the apartment only to buy some bread and i haven't moved anywhere since then. crispy cold outside, the after-snow sun. winter's absolute arrival threw everything out of their array. namely, my wardrobe, outdoorsy sundays, migrating birds.
and the stupid translation project. how can you translate this: "ne yaptı kıçımın beslemesi ha? öptü mü kızı ha? çabuk söyle!" (no no no, i won't repeat in public what it says) how can you express pure turkish rural mentality that revolves around morality, sexual oppression, manlyhood, hierarchy, in another language and culture? i don't know the answer, i did the basics on the translation and left the finishing touches to Mark, my British friend who knows too much.
but the stir-fry i cooked last night is worth mentioning. ingredients; (in order of appearance) olive oil, diced garlic and onion, an apple and half a quince (chopped), broccolis, shredded fresh ginger root, pineapple juice and cashews. contrary to what some might think, it was delicious.
i want to close this static, sleepy and brooding chapter of my life.


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