I don't believe in week-long vacations

Come on. A week is just to short to say you've been on vacation this summer. Much too short to get a proper tan and secretly feel good about the white swimsuit print on parts of your body that very few people see. This 'vacation' has to be long enough so you start out tired then get a real good rest, then get used to having not much to do and then get a little bit bored, and then some more. You should feel so isolated that you make friends with the neighborhood store and some kids on the beach, and half-adopt a dog that you've been feeding for the past few weeks or so. You should read at least two thick books from cover to cover, think about the meaning of your life, and certainly have enough time to come up with resolutions for when you get back, which should seem unlikely at that point. You should get back in shape and forget what the city feels like... call friends and think they sounded different. And really miss them. Or am I quoting a random summer from when I used to be a free, carefree student? That is possible. Or that I really miss those summers. And I don't believe in week-long vacations, and I never will.


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