rainy day

unlike most days lately, today i feel like writing.
(ask yourself: how much of it has to do with kite runner?)

we woke up early this morning. i handed him the alarm the moment it buzzed off, because i knew i would press snooze and let go - of the beautiful morning that awaited us outside. we had a rendez-vous. he pushed himself out of bed and pulled me.
then we found ourselves out, at the top of the hill. it was chilly for a day in july, and cloudy, and raining slightly, but not enough to keep us from running today.
on the way down, he kept me warm by wrapping his arm around me, and it made me happy. it made me happy in two ways: i was warm, and i was loved.
there is a certain strip when you go in the direction of the Black Sea and it's always windy. we ran in the wind with the rain in our hair and faces. i found my focus in the challenge of running against the wind, soaking. and after the u-turn it all turned to normal, just running on a cloudy day. the wind becomes your friend when it's at your back pushing you gently.
it's a rainy day in july and there is a subtle joy in the contrast.


Anonymous said…
you are a great writer, this is an excellent entry.

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