i had competely forgotten about sia. her lyrics i don't fully comprehend but like anyway, and her beautifully sad melodies came back to me when i found her cd.
a few more songs, and 'where i belong' will pour out of the speakers and into the room. it's always a curious feeling when you listen to a song that has been a big part of your life after a long break. it's like running into an old crush years later.
some of sentiment is still there but most of it is washed out. it's a job time does best.
i'm full of tea and homemade deserts and pastry; bereft of all the gossip material in me. we had a girlie, fun afternoon.
at home there's scorpio fear, lots of reading, the occasional stir-fry, the usual rice, running, and cuddling.
"yes, the butterflies are still there."


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