Piece of my mind

All the things you think are ends you must reach are only consequences of genuine acts. Getting rich, having a great body, being famous, finding the right opposite sex should not be ends in themselves, but rather by-products of doing what you love, following a healthy lifestyle, loving the world, and giving without thinking. What you think you'll achieve by working hard, patience or just sheer luck is only an illusive image of a good life that moves further away as you approach it. If you direct your efforts towards being a better reflection of who you really are inside, a genuine human being with wants and needs, pleasures, energy and a lot of love to give to the world, you'll be able to pick the fruits on the trees along the way. And the fruits get riper as you walk further and further to your destiny.


Anonymous said…
I really agree with you. I think some people miss the forest for the trees sometimes. I have always thought that if I do my best to be a decent human being, that everything I truly need will just come to me naturally.


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