how my day was

after i post my little collage-work that has bits from images of cloudy skies, doug asked me to write about how my day was. like he hasn't listened to me blow my nose into all qualities of tissue paper all day - toilet paper, paper towel, starbucks napkin... you name it and i'll blow it [that is, my nose]. i hadn't been sick for a while, maybe a year. and then the added imprisonment factor of not being able to run on a weekend, just 2 weeks before the 15k, this has been hard on me. but not being able to breathe is the worst. it's unbelievable how much we take life for granted. and how much of life we take for granted. then come to appreciate the blessing called uninterrupted breathing when you go down with the flu. so here i am, hoping and praying for a night that i can breathe.. so i can sleep.
i'm sure doug is praying for the same thing too. as in marriage two become one. you're no more strangers in the night, you wake up your husband in all that nose-blowing and steam-inhaling.
...and he turns off his light.


yes, so much nose blowing. ow.

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