what of a morning

It was magical this morning. I could have taken so many pictures, if I had my camera with me. Not only because it was beautiful but also because I’m leaving and I want to take pieces of this world with me. Photographs make good mementos. My favorite color combination these days is a pairing of a really dark, bluish purple (the color of mountains in the distance) and a faded yellow (think wheat fields, or weakened sunlight). I wish I could decorate a room using the best representations of the memories of these two colors in my mind. The most recent memory comes from a road trip to Denizli in my uncle’s car. The rest is a deeply ingrained repetition of seeing those fields and mountains on other road trips within the Agean region over and over again –and not recognizing how beautiful it is until you leave and come back -, and even looking out the window of our house –that I always have dreams of, when my dreams visit the past-. I want to get out of here, I don't want to get out of here. It's all a big blur these days.


Douglas Glenn said…
i may just slip the camera into your purse one of these days.
p e l i n said…
i love my honey.

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