Peacocks are rare treasures

And I love peacocks. I love how they look and how aloof they are, and the weird sounds they make at night. I also love the peacock pattern on porcelain, in black and white or original colors, it doesn't matter. I had this favorite china pattern at Watts Contemporaries of UK, and then I found another one that I liked at Anthropologie, when we were in Portland. I also found this invitation in my design ideas folder, that I was looking on etsy for wedding invitations. I can't believe just how elegant and original a pattern can be. Peacocks are my favorites in everything, really.

images from: Anthropologie, Peacock Plate and Watts Contemporaries, Crown Hill collection


Vinod Jose said…
The peacocks shrill cry of the peacock, always reminds me of the silence of the jungle being broken by the peacock's cry...Its haunting and very captivating...

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