The Secret Life of Printers

Today I had to 'regionalize' our printer. An hp rep walked me through the steps online, over a chat window. I discovered many functions that the regular buttons that we use for regular purposes perform when they are pressed in different combinations. He even made me double-click an HP logo while I held the ctrl key down to bring up a completely unique window where I entered secret numeric combinations that he gave me - a window that I had never seen before in my entire life. I just realized that there is a whole another world of key combinations and single- and double-clicks out there (or rather, in there in our computers) that serve purposes we don't even become aware of unless we bring a printer from Turkey and buy cartridges for it in the US. It's the secret life of printers and their secret affairs with computers.


Vinod Jose said…
Hey how have you been, hope all's well at your end...

Technology can be really fascinating, and if you have a flair for it, it can ease and bring in a lot of flavors. Well, but then too much of technology or anything for that matter can take off the charm...

Have a great weekend
Vinod Jose said…
I watched this Turkish movie, 'Three Monkeys'. Its my first one from the acclaimed director Nuri Bilge.

Link to my review -

Hatice Aslan gives an extraordinary performance, would you be able to recommeend some of her other noteworthy works?

take care
p e l i n said…
Hi Vinod,
I've been out of touch as usual, things are just hectic around here. Good thing this comment came on a Sunday and I can focus on it!

Hatice Aslan is a lovely lady and a good actress, but Three Monkeys is her only movie performance. Her education is on theater performances, and she's been acting in TV series for years and years, always successfully. I'm glad Nuri Bilge Ceylan discovered her and she was able to display her talent on the movie screen as well! I can give you some information on the TV series she played in, but I don't know if that would help.

Thanks for the heads up!
Vinod Jose said…
Hi Pelin, thanks so much for the trivia. You are right, it would be difficult to get my hands on the TV series.

Christopher Waltz, too was discovered in a similar style by Quentin Tarantino in Inglorious Basterds. The movie would have lost its sting w/o him.

Take care

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