The list, my 30s and the Stuff

I did try to work on this particular entry on a Word document, you know, it would be easier and error-proof, I am a graduate student after all, and turning 30 in the process, I should have been able to do this in Word but I couldn't. I didn't know what to write. So I started over, here in Blogger's interface, to see what comes out of this one. And I still don't know if anything will. But bear with me. I, who has been writing things since, like, forever, should have something to say on my birthday of all days. But then I have stuff to do. Stuff always gets in the way. It's a classic.
But today, stuff may not get in the way. True, I had to wake up today, of all days, before 6 a.m. to register for a class. True, I couldn't register fully since I had to take a placement test. True, I did take the test -- I wrote an essay on a topic on which I didn't have much to say. What a responsible act to say hello to your 30s.
The rest of the day though, is mine.

How do you wrap up your 20s? How do you leave behind the
only decade of your life that is A- not childish and highly dependent (birth to age 9), B- not overcome with growing pains (age 10 to 19) C- mostly fun and carefree, mostly lived to cross as many items as possible on the 'things to do before I turn 30' list? And the list is there for a reason. The list has a timeline. The list wants you to realize that 30 is the limit. My list, it didn't have any items to check off. It was more like a list you make as you go along: Meeting many great people- check. Speaking one foreign language well- check (Unchecked: more foreign languages). Singing, musical activities- check. Finding love of life- check. Getting married- check. Living in a foreign country- check. Seeing New York- check. Running a 15k race- check. Starting to acquire quality furniture- check. Starting grad school- check. There may even be more to my list. Or negative items can be added, boxes that I couldn't check off, and maybe that could be the stuff of a list of the 'things to do before I die.' As (believe it or not) there are only two lists and my time on the first one is up. Today, if stuff doesn't get in the way, I'm starting my second list, and as my birthday wish, I want plenty of time to work on that one.


Vinod Jose said…
Birthday wishes to you, may all the items on your second list too get checked as you go along...
irem said…
Dogumgunun kutlu olsun Pelin. Yazmaya devam etmek umarim tum yeni yapilacaklar listelerinde olur.
Uzun zaman okuyamiyorum, sonra iste boyle gec saatlere calistigim bir gun oluyor. Blog'unu okuyacagimi dusunup seviniyorum.
Icim ferahliyor bu sayfada. Nice yillara!
p e l i n said…
Yazmaya devam etmek: Listeyi daha olusturmaya baslamadim (boyle de tembelim) ama liste yapsam da yapmasam da bunu basarmaliyim eger boyle hisseden okuyucularim varsa. En ufak seyleri bile yazmaya calisirsam olur diye dusunuyorum. Hepimiz icin hayirli olacaksa bi gayret!

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