faux skin

yes maybe i want to rob people of their acquired skins that i see as only make-believe. i'd like to peel off the lifestyle, fashion, profession, social status (etc) skins and leave them bare, naked. see how everyone would function without their personal packages, neatly prepared and presented. i can see so many of them around, carrying around heavy personal packages, unaware of how weighing-down all this is. from personal package to personal luggage. children don't have those, until institutionalized learning starts anyway. i want to see the world through the eyes of my child-self. i'm trying.
all the things i am are mine.


Anonymous said…
packages to luggages to baggages
well put in any case
Anonymous said…
these are nice wishes but still not sure if children dont have those
well, as a child, i didn't care about the rest of the world and just played with my colored plastic pins, so that might mean i didn't have a personal package. i remember working on it later on in life and why i formed it. it's required, but it should not get in the way of our real self shining through.

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