my favorite things

the addiction a recently discovered song brings
being out in the world while everyone's at work
rooms full of light
these days, opening the window to early morning air
on a walk, the reflection of the sunshine on the sea that makes me feel like it's moving with me
full-grain bread from Paul
sitting at BP, sipping lemonade, reading
ecstatic feeling that comes with dancing
the moment they bring the mezes at sofyali
locating myself in front of the computer with a big bowl of salad
walking through nisantasi with freshly blow-dried hair & feeling like everyone's looking
running into someone unexpectedly
revealing conversations
kennedy lodge
really getting into a translation work, blood rushing to my cheeks
reading comments on my blog posts
"we are a team now" feeling -also ecstatic-
yoga at the end of a long day
coming up with a good outfit
putting into words exactly how i feel & seeing it written down
clear reciprocities
leaning back and taking in a sunday breakfast
my "the way we live" book
robinson crusoe bookstore and its contents


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