i'm sitting on a bench looking at fireworks bursting on the other side of the bosphorus. other than the sparks flying up like hundreds of comets, and some kids screaming in amazement with each chrysanthemum, the world is still. lovers occupying benches to my both sides laugh and cuddle and kiss. more of them fireworks are being rocketed in the distance but we cannot see those, only hear- along with cicadas, also anonymous. what is this kitten looking for so intently? the lamps illuminating the shore across do not blink, just stare at me like that. this little community here, joined together by the seating, the summer night and the beauty of the scenery; myself, lovers and cats, we don't even care about who lives across the shore and what they are doing as of this moment.


s. said…
ne guzeldik dun...
boyle iste istanbulda...herseyin su gibi aktigi bidislerimin arasinda...
evet bidi biz ordaydik, sen bizleydin, istanbul da tam ortamizdaydi..

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