i am lucky. very lucky. to have survived the incident. a motorcycle guy grabbing my bag and trying to speed away with it. the pull throwing me to the ground. my disbelief in the fact that i can be attacked and robbed urging me to hold on to my bag. me demanding an exception, fighting for an exception. and getting it. no injuries except the purple knees, no loss. i figure out i am strong, stronger than i think. or luckier. but none of this takes away the feeling of being violated, victimized, handled. he and i held the two ends of the same bag, my bag, and pulled with all our strength. he and i shared a moment. i hate this feeling.


irem said…
Bol gecmis olsun. Hayat oldukca non-deterministic aslinda, ama biz inatla bunu unutmaya calisiyoruz. Iyi mi kötu mu bilemiyorum hala.

And congratulations on your exception. You do create your own luck.

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