happy friday

just like in the old (but not that old) days, we stopped at Sami's (Sami Ovadya, the coolest Jew in town) and talked about this and that (he deserves a great girl but doesn't mind being alone if the right person doesn't come along, which can't be true by the way. nobody willingly consents to ending up solo). i wanted to buy a CD and i don't know if he cared about selling me a CD. i ended up leaving his store with a good one. we shared a pizza at mezza luna and then went back to reasurans for turkish coffee&fortune telling. i told eylem she would meet the guy she will marry, and she told me there is plenty of 'judgement' in my fortune. as every friday, Ege was passing through after his workout. it gets fun when these things happen. the news on the block is that Uraz is back in town and is exactly the same person he was 4 years ago. it comes as a surprise to me that some people never change. i need change.
last night we ditched the boat party and escaped the boat before it was too late -before we were in the middle of bosphorus with judgemental turkish girls that look you up and down-. my lips were chocolate stained from the chocolate ice-cream and it became harder for him to take me seriously talking like that. he laughed. i told him to clean it, lick it, do something. he did.
we came home.
i came home.
sitting down with amy winehouse and robin thicke.


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