i was thinking how international this past year has been. yesterday we were having brunch at jon&sandra's (i'm thinking whether i should call them jondra) and this guy bret, whose name was familiar but whose face i did not remember from years ago was there with his romanian wife. there was also a swedish guy, a friend of jon's. i tried to count the international occasions through the year and was surprised at the intensity of traveling activity. even with me going to egypt and pacific northwest and eastern oregon, and doug moving in with me, i think the presence of jupiter in sagittarius has been properly felt. after all the swedish, british, american, egyptian, dutch, irish, moroccan people i met this year, who can come up to me and say astrology doesn't make sense? i'm not sure though. people say all kinds of things. anyway. yes, i liked how international this year has been. we have a few more months till joopie leaves home and i say let's make the best of it.
happy mercury retrograde by the way. it's already stirring things up for me, with lots of honesty but lots of misunderstanding too. don't know what to say, i guess we shall live and see.
and i can see i'm not as carefree as i have been in the past summers but i figured life needs some more effort on me side to make things happen the way they are supposed to. there can be no great history without great wars-
so let's face some fears.


ozlem said…
my astrological god started to retrograde, i blast today, and im going to see whats on the way.
Heather said…
I always hate mercury retrogrades. It seems like I always have problems in my relationships when those happen. But I know they are a necessary time of "taking a step back" and refining things.
p e l i n said…
compared to saturn or pluto retrogrades, i find mercury retrograde almost fun, as if the gods are playing little tricks and since i'm the only one who knows what's going on, i sit back and enjoy part of the fun, although i know it's not always fun. especially if you're watching your boss sign agreements and screaming on the inside, "nooooooooooo!", and keeping a smiling face.
on the other hand if you're having problems in your relationships, it might mean that communication is not the strongest part of your relationships and they may suffer when mercury stops watching over them.
planets are the test of time, fellas.
s. said…
mercury is my rling planet; thin how messed up things can get...they usually do...
yes lots of travelling happened on my end too pel; it must be true: norway, sweden, denmark, US; and of course turkey and canada..
wanna stay still for a while, and watch things from distance
it was wonderful to see you and calming eyes..

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