Jewels, Pretense, Courtesy

I'm up early today. D is taking a daytrip to Athens. I went to the Grand Bazaar -again- yesterday, second time this week after the wedding ring incident. This time it was for a good reason, looking for a birthday gift for myself. And not only I found a birthday gift from my family to me, I ended up finding one from myself to me, and also a Christmas gift from D to me. The Bazaar can be detrimental to your economy. If you're budgeting, stay away.
Walking around looking for a small piece of jewelry I might like, I was surprised once again by how much money is poured into bad design. I'm sure there is some sort of demand for it, but it can't be true that all this tasteless jewelry exists out there. I've always felt sorry for the resources spent on bad design - the materials, the time, effort, energy, money. Someone should tell people that simplicity is the way
to go, and you don't get any happier in life as the jewelry gets shinier, tackier, more intricate. I'm doing my part, I'm saying it now.
And certainly some courtesy wouldn't hurt that much, people. I'm walking around looking at the shop windows, the shop owners ask me what I'm looking for, I try to describe it -I tell them I'm looking for something that resembles a family heirloom-, and the moment they figure out I'm not a buyer, I'm out of their radar. Not that it hurts, but it's disturbing how they are your best friend one minute and you're unwanted the next. Not well wishes or anything when I'm leaving the shop, not even pretending to. Personally I find that as detrimental to society as bad design.
Speaking of courtesy, what happened to calling your friend back when you miss their call? Again, on a par with bad design.
All in all, I'm happy with the pieces I found at the bazaar. My advice would be: don't give up, even amongst all that terrible glitz there may be a jewel for you.


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