december 7

is, in the end, a day like all the others. it is meant to pass, by nature. and i showed no attempts to capture it, really. but i loved it. loved the pancake breakfast in deni's dining room washed in daylight, loved the presents, the walk on the shore and the sunlight on the surface of the sea, loved my clearminded mood, the mosque, the prayer, loved gamze and myself having birthday cakes, indulging, cukurcuma and getting the only affordable antiques in the antique store, harvey, sofyali, the longing, the wine, the mezes, the treat, the kiss, the beer, denwood, taps, baileys, the surprise birthday cake with one single candle that i blew that put a perfect end to it all: couldn't have captured, even if i wanted to, but i want to remember the light of it shining coming towards me out of the blue.


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