born again

no worries. just a huge translation project. as you get closer to the end it becomes even more life-consuming. when you're not in front of the computer (commute, basic needs etc.) you dream of rewarding yourself with worldly pleasures once you get to the end, that is, if that end ever comes. but it did. it's over. am free as proud, happy, rich bird.

simdi yeni birseyler söylemek lazim.


s. said…
it sounds like doing a phd to me...
sun is warming me, only through the window though, locked in front of my computer for the day...but i appreciate outside world more now, and enjoy it even more when i have it...
lisenin bahcesinde muzik dinledigimiz zamanlar geldi bak simdi aklima
di mi
sanki biraz o da öyleydi, güneste otururduk yarim saatimiz vardi
sonra yine hersey matematiksel oluyordu.

i knew you'd repond to this one:) i had phd people in mind when i was writing too, how they do it all their life and i do it every once in a while.

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