daily philosophical mood altering talk

yaptim bisiler, fena da cikmadi ama
it's not making my life any easier:)
umarim dilegin gerceklesir o zaman minik

what’s the point in making your life easier if it’s not the life you want in the first place?

the point is procrastinating any major moves until you decide on the life you want
but if you don't make any moves you don't get anywhere close to your decisions
therefore i try to make my life easier so i can move around as i wait for my divine inspiration to arrive

That’s why we are so similar… but when you put it that way, it sounds like we are the players in a game who are settled when the score is even, and would do nothing to win (unless some other guy in their team scores the goal)

that's why i decided to just make the move
inspiration will find me if it's meant to be.
just do the flip-
the bruises are worth it.

Someone walking the walk instead of just talking the talk…that’s new!!!
What kind of a a ‘move’ are we talking about here?


s. said…
"someone's walking the walk instead of just talking the talk" is very Merleau pontyian Pelit, a bit Heideggerian too..instead of thinking about dancing we should just start dancing...
follow no rule, just start...make up the rules as you go along says Wittgenstein..kind of...you are on the "right" track, i.e., "your" track...
Anonymous said…
Pelincim, bir comment de ben birakayim istedim...
anlamı: okunuyorsun :)
okundugumu biliyorum
gayet okunakli yaziyorum zaten
ilk comment'e gelince;
sekerim, aslinda onu soyliyen ben degilim, ben i decided to make the move diyenim:)
but i agree with mr wittgenstein,
and intend to do the flip.

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