a dark post

after seeing 'kiss kiss bang bang', i've been thinking and researching about 'incest'. it creates curiosity in me in that it is extremely unimaginable to me, and could not happen around me in a million years, but it does happen to a lot of people, and i want to know why. unfortunately, the limited research that has been done on the subject is not available free. i'm previewing this book called 'father-daughter incest' by judith lewis herman on google books. and look what freud had to say about the subject:
Almost all of my women patients told me that they had been seduced by their father. I was driven to recognize in the end that these reports were untrue and so came to understand that the hysterical symptoms are derived from phantasies and not from real occurences. . . It was only later that I was able to recognize this phantasy of being seduced by the father the expression of the typical Oedipus complex in women.
-Sigmund Freud, Introductory Lectures of Psychanalysis

it's outrageous that Freud chalked it up to female fantasies after encountering so many cases, since he couldn't put the blame on all those respectable fathers. god knows what i'll find about what men are capable of doing, as i research.


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