Life here

We finally moved out to the ranch. It is snowy here but warm inside the house, and I have a lot to do so I like the comfort of being inside. Internet problems followed us for a while (a side effect of mercury retrograde, I have to assume) but it seems to have worked out for now. The water tastes different and Americans love ice. Their refrigerators are also colder and they store so much in the pantry, fridge and the house - I guess it is to reduce those trips to the store, which takes time here. What else? The twins are adorable and I think they are warming up to me. Grandma Joyce is reading Atlas Shrugged and I love that she can't put it aside. There is an easier way of doing for everything, they even have little handles to hold the corn from each side - and the corn is sweet, and they rub them with butter before eating. They find my Turkish breakfast funny - which I was able to get together by bringing my own cheese from Turkey and buying Italian olive oil from here (they didn't have a Turkish one). I also brought Turkish coffee, dried red pepper, leblebi and hibiscus jam. Oh, and a huge thing of pine honey. I have my own little Turkey here, at least until my supplies run out. Doug's grandparents are so connected it's unbelievable. They both have their own computers where they watch antiques on eBay and exchange forwards with their friends and families. Grandpa Glenn was showing me the video of an 80 year-old lady doing salsa yesterday. I can't wait to make Turkish meals for everyone and get funny reactions. So far it has been a good experience where I'm also a part of a family rather than just a girl trying to make it in a foreign country. I think I'm very lucky in that sense. So far so good.

Next episode: The Yunkers' restaurant and just how great Kristen and Aaron are.


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