Last week

Officially entering my last week in here, Istanbul, Turkey, my country, where I went to college, lived in 5 different dorm rooms and 3 apartments, lived for 10 years, and where I thought I might be living my whole life. Apparently, that wasn't the case. But then I also I always thought I would have an unhappy and boring marriage, and I have the opposite (I have a thing for worst case scenarios). Even though I've always loved it here, or it was bearable for some reason or the other, I also wanted a change. I wanted to experience something different and foreign, counter-intuitive almost. And now it's happening. And instead of questioning or doubting it, I'm embracing it. It's a good feeling.


Vinod Jose said…
Every city leaves an impression...We give the city a part of our lives and the city hands over a part of its heritage...
Some sailors say that the call of the sea is strong that, no matter where, the sea beckons them...

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