write-up series 1

You know what a perfect day would be like? You and I would be getting up late in our beds next to each other with the window beside us, the summer breeze coming in and waking us up -not only that but the family-ar voices coming from downstairs, I would see your tanned long legs from where I lay and think it's cute, we would go down to the smells of menemen and corn bread and have the perfect mediterannean breakfast. The day would unwrap slowly, taking us to the beach and back, and we would welcome the evening riding our bikes alongside the sunset. At night I would drive us to town, all dressed-up, walking the streets feeling gorgeous. We would dance the night away at Car Cemetery, ending up in our beds where sneaked into just in time, or maybe a little too late? And all over again, tomorrow, and the other day; if and only if, there was a way we could turn back time.
Store those scents, moments and colors for me and I promise to always be right here, sharing living spaces, outfits, make-up stuff, healthy food, our dad and the rest of our family, sharing my life with you; as it turns out in the end, nothing can mean more than a little sister who has been there from the very beginning.
-myself to my sister, spring'05


estellastheme said…
this right-up makes me cry everytime i read it, especially the part after "if and only if".

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