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Your Graduation Horoscope
As the New Moon squares with the month of July, and a trine is formed with the Big Dipper (the skinny one), you will find your life making a complete change. The New Moon shows us a shedding of old ways and a venture into new worlds. As you look back, you may find a different person than the one you have become; all your energies (positive and negative) have formed the amazing, beautiful person that you are today. Not only have you grown and found yourself, but helped others grow as well, leaving lifelong impressions. Remember that crazy girl with the short red hair the day she couldn’t even figure out her sheets? Through late-night chats curled up in bed, extensive coffee fortune readings, excursions around town, breakfasts at the pastane, darling text messages, and even quiet nights studying and listening to music, you’ve turned another’s life upside down. Peace, comfort, happiness, drama, excitement, even a good sadness occasionally…all have been given by you to another, and that is a wonderful gift. Just as you’ve touched this crazy person’s life, you have affected so many more with your love and caring and passion. So as Venus is in transition with Sputnik, the future brings for you all you have given and more. Your inner fire will now have a chance to burn and shine for the world like it should. Not because of the position of the stars and planets, but because you worked for what will come and deserve all that’s ahead. Keep on dreaming, baby; if you can think it, you can do it! Always remember that you are loved the world over…by me!
Written exclusively for Pelin my Pi by ESP Astrologers
-emily to me, spring'02


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