days of our lives

talking about spring and how it cleared up the remnants of paranoid winter, shed a new light to everything, and stretched daytime into evening (those blue-purplish early-evening skies) is uplifting. or am i talking about all these because i'm uplifted? in any case, spring is here, it seems (being cautious with judgements is a consequence of growing up, and i guess, istanbul weather too). my boss is planting a dozen flowers in our garden (yeah i'm lucky to be working in a nisantasi apartment/office that has a garden). eylem and i met yesterday to celebrate daylight saving time, which translates into our world as, 'enjoy the unbelievable weather outdoors after work'. soon it will be windows open except for sleeping and time out, and the atmosphere will have a superdorm-y feeling around it, 'superdorm weather' gulin said the other day (and i had it as a silent thought), like when it's almost summer and the cool air seeps in through the windows (and you try to study and usually fail). my parents are here. berkay came and left. i haven't heard from marji or suz yet. hande's coming for the weekend. i should get that leather armchair after i deal with the 5Ws of it. suddenly, it's all daily niceties and worries that surround you in manner of water, as you can swim your way (al)most effortlessly through. sena and esra came over last night (four girls singing funny songs and laughing like teenagers must mean people never change on some level), which reminds me, as soon as i get that roll developed, i'll be able to post so many cute pics.


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