on whisper not and benny golson

it is probably my favorite song in the whole world. and it's a special song for me, what with the demo i recorded, hence the small-scale recognition. i went to nardis with the thought and scheme that benny golson would appreciate the song's meaning for me and maybe let me perform the song with him, but being the "yeah whatever" person he is, he didn't. when you're 76 and put songs like 'whisper not' and 'along came betty' behind you, a young girl who comes up to you and says she loves one of your songs more than any other song might not be a subject of interest. i'll try to understand that. in the meantime, i would like to state that it was one of the high points of my life to listen to that song live, from the maker. 'sing low, sing clear, sweet words in my ear, not a whisper of despair but love's own prayer' 'our harmony was lost but you forgave, i forgot'.


s. said…
the difference between you and him will be this when you come to his age:
you will still be carrying your passion and joy and the reminiscents of each and every song you sang...your reaction to that young woman approaching to you for more inspiration will be more embracing, loving, and rejuvenating...

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