after ordinary work day

yes: tonight's the night for blogging. i feel talkative but doug's not here so it seems like the perfect time to haunt my readers yet again. this time, forever (cruel cackle).

i love the guy who gives warm peanuts to everyone exiting the subway. it really feels nice after a long day's work and it's guaranteed that i'll be hungry. obviously he's trying to market his product in to a customer base that is not so familiar with peanuts so it seems like the right thing to do but when you don't buy the product, it also seems like a nice gesture. i should also buy a package and see how i'll feel about it then.

also on my way home, i see this sign on an apparel shop that reads:
for you & lover
okay. so what is this for you & lover thing? how do people come up with these expressions? is a pocket dictionary their sole source of information about the english language? if they said 'for you and your lover' it would make grammatical sense but would still be awfully flawed in terms of meaning. yeah, i always go apparel shopping to 4.levent with my lover. storm is my brand of choice, because it considers my lover as well. and by the way, do we mean boyfriend by lover, or is it more like an affair thing? because i'd much rather call my significant other boyfriend or fiance or husband. thank you.


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