wanted: barbie sticker book

i had a barbie sticker book when i was maybe 10. me and my friend would buy the stickers in packets of 5 befores school and sometimes on the weekends, and it was always a mystery which stickers would come out of them. each one was part of a story where barbie was skiing or sailing with ken and skipper and her dog, and her life was stylish and fun. there was also a sticker book where these stories were laid out and the empty rectangular spaces (there were 101, i think) waiting for their correct-fitting stickers were a source of excitement and frustration in my life. my friend and i would trade stickers too. i remember it so well, buying the stickers, opening the packets together, going through the pages, helping barbie get together her life. and the bottom line is i want that sticker book back.
anybody seen my barbie?


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