learning how to fly

when your heart is low
feel the breezes blow
it's alright
you just take your time
there's no hurry now that you're on your way
when you're learning how to fly

no more wandering round
pick up off the ground
you will find you can glide on by
there's a magic place that is just for you
when you're learning how to fly

you've always known that this was not your home
you've been longing for a place where you'll not feel so all alone
when all the time is gone for you to fly away
so just breath on in and breath on out
and you'll be on your way
watch the ocean rise say a sad goodbye
don't be shy
go ahead and cry
there's a light to guide and you're really on your way

now you are flying rising floating
sitting on this blissful ocean
everything you've always wanted
learning how to fly


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