the best way out is always through

says who?
robert frost. i believe so too.

i was in saros for the long weekend, although we cut it a little short. it's not the best place to spend your hard-earned long weekend, this much i can say. the geography is banal. cannot compare in any way to the agean coastline where the scenery is so beautiful. i have two pleasant memories: we went to this fish restaurant for lunch, and i hope to never forget how the aubergine salad -olive oil makes all the difference-, and the ice-cream accompanying the 'cheese dessert' tasted; and, we rented a boat to go fishing, where i stared at the endlessness of the sea, the darkest tones of blue and the fading lights of the sun, read my book, wrote some stuff -which i was asked to read aloud later*- and then took my chances at fishing, which went exceptionally well. i left it at 7, because i was born on the 7th and it's the symbol of material and spiritual perfection. beginner's luck, it is called. there has to be a lucky ending too.

*are people out of their minds?


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